12 years on the stage, 4 published albums and more than 150 shows are the cover letter of this band from Cassà de la Selva (Girona)

Since 1997, when the band was founded, Burman Flash have grown as a band, with a big evolution in their music, until they have arrived to present, releasing the 4th album “Jugues...?” (Wanna play...?), produced by Caïm Riba, from Pastora.

In summer of 1997, Aureli Hernández, Lluís Brugué and Jordi Verdaguer started a new musical adventure after their early bands. Anna Pérez started playing saxand singing, and Xevi Vallés with the keyboards in a short time. The band started to play in all kind of local small shows, and later Joan Coll joined the band as the second guitar player.

In 1999 the band recorded their first demo tape, and they won the Empuriabrava new band’s contest, and also the Figueres Embarraca’t contest.

Few time later Joan Ciurana joined the band as a percussionist.

With the evolution of the sound to the ska, the band decided to join a wind section as well.

A lot of different people have been played wind instruments in the band (Pep Bosch, Artur Cateura, Edu Prats, Albert Comaleras, Albert Cordobés, etc.) until the actual composition: Albert Bancells on the sax and Ricard Hospital on trombone.

During a short time Jesús Torrent and David Boada have been part of the band.

The band published their first album “Gira” (Turn) on 2002. The album was produced by BVA “Triku”, recorded in Garate Estudios (Basque country) and edited by Ariadna records.

Two years later the second album was released. “Brila” (Brila), again produced by BVA “Triku”, edited by Ariadna Records and recorded in 44.1 studios, in Aiguaviva (Girona).

In the early 2005 Xarli Salas joined the band to replace Lluís Brugué on bass guitar.

In the same year Aureli Hernández also left the band.

Last 2006 the band published the third album “Desmemòria” (forgetfulness), produced by Joan Carles Ros “Rosky”, recorded in 44.1 studios and self-published.

At the end of 2007, after quite 10 years in the band, Joan Coll and Joan Ciurana left the band.

During those 12 years the band have brought their music around all Catalonian lands, and also the rest of Spain and Europe, doing some European tours around Germany, Switzerland and France.

Like all the band with more than 10 years of history, a lot of people have been part of Burman Flash, but a common element have been the effect of the band in the people, as well as the ffect of all the people in the band DNA.

The current composition of the band is: Anna Pérez on the voice, Jordi Verdaguer on drums, Xevi Vallès on the keyboards, Xarli Salas on bass guitar, Albert Bancells on sax, Ricard Hospital on trombone and Alfredo Moreno on guitar.

After some years playing only ska and rock, the band have done a big step forward with the new album, where you can find new sounds, new rhythms, new styles, everything with a lot of care on details, but never renouncing to the style that made of the band what it is right now.

Anna PérezVoicePersonal Web

Alfredo MorenoGuitar

Carles SalasXarliBass

Albert BancellsBertoSaxo

Jordi VerdaguerDrumsPersonal Web

Xevi VallésKeyboard

Ricard HospitalRickyTrombone